At ArtWaves, we connect the community with art. A simple concept with boundless opportunity.  Art for everyone and in multiple forms.  Children, high schoolers, summer visitors, seasonal workers, year-round professionals. Working and emerging artists.  Drawing, painting, sculpting, printing, dancing.

Stop by.  Take a class.  Attend a workshop.  Become a member.  We need your support to sustain a rich, vibrant and enlivened arts culture on Mt. Desert Island.  

We offer a wide array of classes and workshops for the beginner, intermediate, advanced and curious artists in our community.  

  • Drop-in for Figure Drawing
  • Spend an evening Sipping and Printing (21+)
  • Try your hand at Sculpting or painting – Plein Air, oil, watercolor, charcoal
  • Take a class or attend a workshop in monoprinting, fiber arts, stained glass
  • Bring your little ones to Art for Those Under Three
  • Send your older kids to get an art studio experience with artists working in a variety of media
  • Come for a swing or salsa lesson

Art is for everyone and that includes you!

Check us out at ArtWavesmdi.org.

Our campus is located in Town Hill.  We have four studios including a dance studio and beautiful grounds. Parking lot is available between the dentist office and ArtWaves.

ArtWaves Gallery

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