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Shedding Light with Shadow with rebekah green and melissa turner


Shedding Light with Shadow   
with rebekah green and melissa turner

July 20 - 22 2017
Early afternoon session: 1:30 to 3:00
Late afternoon session: 4:30 to 6:30

Cost: $90.00 members, $100 non-members

Creating is an inherent part of each human’s constitution, yet many feel creatively inept.

Allowing ourselves access again to our love of playing and creating can be difficult, requiring

that we reroute habitual paths that have been rooted in us for years.

Beginning with individual and partner exercises that

facilitate cooperation and activation with both sides of our

brains, we will work with our own & others’ shadows, plant/

tree shadows, as well as other objects that beg for the

attention. The class will culminate with small projects that

may take the form of shadow-puppet play,



drawing/paintings, & other novel forms. All participants

will be able to keep their creations!

Materials will include: Various sizes/

colors/weights of paper, charcoal, watercolor pencil, glue, scissors, exacto

knives, and various other implements.

Up to fifteen people aged 15 and up are invited to participate. Materials

will be provided. No experience in artistic endeavor is required; only an

open mind and enthusiasm! Contact us for more information/questions at


m e l i s s a t u r n e r
r e b e k a h g r e e n
What are the mechanisms of simultaneous, symbiotic hosting?
discernment : concisely sharing_relating
relation as care’s continuum: micro-gestures [sharing&signaling]
emerge from pressure systems: divergence & convergence [offering&listening] ::
care’s continuum as
presentpast and futurepresent.
What is the glue that creates and sustains relations?
How do we work through and give proper burial to obsolete relational structures?
How are we prompting awareness toward facilitating profound and novel connections
between ourselves and others?
Constitutionally, and of course, through our on-going explorations, we are
to move from the archival relation —-
— i.e.
(intra- & inter-) relations
constrained by historical expectation
subtle, unacknowledged fear of the unknown potentiality
of expressing and sharing energy/spacetime.
A key component of our work currently
is recognizing and ‘harnessing’ the
force that is each person’s
or Passion. This raw,
idiosyncratic energy can be described as a person’s sexuality. Rather than any particular
sexual or romantic encounter, this sexuality, we are proposing, acts as a motivating force,
facilitating our growth and evolution. In these considerations, we are understanding
that sexuality is a definition of that expansive momentum of a person’s life force.
each movement comprised of emerging Care
We will be working primarily with drawing materials various colors of paper, pencils, ink pens... the use of watercolor pencils may blend the line between drawing and painting.  We may use some of these drawings to construct shadow puppets; so scissors, strings, wire, and glue may be used.

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