Greg Burns

Artist Statement

Greg Mason Burns is a contemporary painter who focuses on emotional unknowns and in particular societal pressure, adventure, ​fear, frustration, stress, and chaos. His current works include paintings using oil, watercolor, charcoal, and oil pastel, and can be abstract and reductive in nature.

He has recently dedicated himself to establishing the movement known as Novo-surrealism. Novo-surrealism is an aesthetic, conceptual-art philosophy that he created during the events leading up to the 2016 coup d’etat that resulted the impeachment of the Brazilian President, Dilma Rouseff. Philosophically it examines how the media and the media’s audience communicate with one another with the understanding that there’s a gap of understanding between the two parties. Aesthetically it recreates in visual terms what that gap of understanding might look like if it were an actual place instead of a state of mind.

He creates works, using whatever materials are necessary, that define or describe this gap.

He has been heavily influenced by Ernest Hemingway, Wassily Kandinsky, and in general the Fauvism and Expressionist movements, and to some extent transcendental idealism.


​Burns’ start as an artist began professionally in 2010 in Santiago de Chile, where he lived for a time before moving to Curitiba, Brazil in 2011. While his work has primarily focused on oil, oil pastel, and watercolor paintings, he has projects that will involve sculpture, video, and installations in the future.

Burns has two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maine, one in Journalism and the other in Public Administration. He has a Master’s degree in European Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

To date he has exhibited at several locations in Curitiba, Brazil, including the Guido Viaro Museum, Artestil Gallery, Sacarro, Cafe Camoes, and Hacienda Cafe, as well as a rogue exhibit at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. In 2017 he exhibited at the Zaratan Gallery in Lisboa, Portugal and the Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor public libraries on Mount Desert Island, ME.


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