Nicole Ouellette


Nicole Ouellette has been doing internet marketing for about 9 years. She began with her own blog and using that as a test, she learned about search engines, blogging, social media, email newsletters, website useability and more. She loves to solve peoples’ problems and help people do more online.

Two years ago, Nicole decided running one business wasn’t quite crazy enough and began researching the possibility of a coworking space. Anchorspace opened in April 2015 to serve as Bar Harbor’s flexible, affordable, and professional office solution. Besides the work stations, Anchorspace also has a meeting room, two ‘phone booths’ for private calls, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, high speed internet and other stuff that is cool and useful while working.

Her degree in geology, her proficiency in French, and her teaching certification don’t come in handy day to day but she’s glad to have them anyway. She lives in Bar Harbor with her dog Brandy. She loves short dogs, cooking, reading young adult novels, and 5:30 PM dips in Lake Wood in the summer.



Nicole’s Business Website (Breaking Even Communications)

Nicole’s Other Business Website (Anchorspace)

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